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Pre-order your own copy today of Auriel Aeon’s Engineering the Infinite: Reinventing our Relationship to Technology. This 52 page treatise includes an alternative approach to understanding science and it’s application to technology. By shifting our awareness around our relationship to the physical universe, specifically in response to our reference point of perception of our external observations, opens the human mind to glance into different pathways of interpreting our natural world. This creates a working model based off fractal structure  to effectively translate these cosmological concepts with biomimicry into revolutionary technological systems in relation to energy, transportation, information, materials, and communication. Self-published with laminate matte cover and natural paper. The cover is the second page in the gallery with no directly readable text to give the feel of something more ancient and esoteric.

Only 222 copies will be printed in the first edition.
The first 55 copies cover the initial printing costs.

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The apple fell, and Man took a bite out of it. We got lost on our journey to remembering our self, yet the secrets of nature were revealed, as the puzzle pieces began to be put back together. We were awe struck by gravity as it held us firm upon the earth, yet paved the way to which we overcame it, and eventually sailed among the mythic realms of the gods. The tasting of the forbidden fruit further showcased our organization of information as we interfaced with the digital environment of our self-created illusion to make our world easier to live upon the daily and to expand the versatility of our creative imagination. For this gave rise to the pathway of the embodied sciences through mimicking the world around us and engineering the reflection into our technological achievements. In this modern age, the wheel is practically being reinvented everyday, as the cycles of time spiral toward a singularity in which the experience reaches the ideal of the Utopian masterpiece.